Commanders: NATO Navies Should Beef Up Against Russia

NATO should beef up its maritime arm in response to the rising threat from an increasingly “bold” and “aggressive” Russia, commanders said Wednesday.


UK’s Cameron vows ‘full-spectrum response’ after Tunisia beach attack (+video)

The number of Britons killed in a massacre at a resort Friday could climb as high as 30. The gunman, who was killed, posted support for Islamic State on Facebook page.


Swedish Commander Says Russian Military Jets Fired Flares at Swedish Planes

Sweden’s top military commander says Russian fighter pilots are behaving in an increasingly aggressive manner in northern Europe, flying dangerously close to Swedish Air Force jets and in some cases even releasing flares at them.


Obama, Merkel say it is ‘critically important’ for Greece to remain in the euro (GREK)

obama merkel

President Obama and German chancellor Angela Merkel agreed that it is “critically important” for Greece to remain in the euro. 

The two spoke on the phone on Sunday as the situation in Greece has grown increasingly chaotic over the last 48 hours. 

In a statement, the White House said, “The leaders affirmed that their respective economic teams are carefully monitoring the situation and will remain in close touch.”

“The two leaders agreed that it was critically important to make every effort to return to a path that will allow Greece to resume reforms and growth within the euro zone.”

On Sunday, news broke that Greek banks would be closed on Monday and remain closed until at least July 5, when Greece is scheduled to hold a referendum on the latest bailout proposal from its European creditors. 

Greek prime minister announced the referendum in a surprise announcement on Friday night. 

It now looks like Greece will miss a €1.6 billion payment to the IMF due on Tuesday and appears as close to a “Grexit” as it did during the eurozone crisis of a few years ago. 

Additional reporting by Reuters.

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Time for Sweden to Join NATO

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‘Russia rehearsed invasion of Sweden’

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Eighteen NATO Allies Increasing Defense Spending

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Britain Invites U.S. Official to Join Review of Its Military

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