Secret Service Director To Face Tough Question At House Hearing

Lawmakers will question Secret Service Director Julia Pierson on how a man was able to jump the White House fence, cross the lawn and get into the White House before being stopped by agents.

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We Finally Have a Security Agreement With Afghanistan-—What’s Next?

Troops aren’t leaving just yet.


What Truman’s Israel Policy Can Teach Obama about ISIL

In early 1948, Harry Truman’s policy of support for the partition of Palestine — and thereby the creation of the state of Israel — appeared…


U.S. supply ships would provide Canadian Navy with lots of capability

By David Pugliese

Defence Watch


Details emerged last week about a proposal that could see the Royal Canadian Navy purchase two surplus U.S. supply ships.

The RCN is looking to buy two U.S. Navy supply ships that are to be retired, the USNS Bridge and the USNS Rainier. That report came from CBC.

But that proposal is one of several options offered up by the Americans. The U.S. Navy was also offering to dedicate a supply ship, at times, for the RCN.

But sources tell Defence Watch that the U.S. Navy was less than thrilled when the RCN came back with a massive list on when such supply ships were needed. The suggestion was that Canada was milking the favour to the extreme.

Whether Canada receives the U.S. surplus ships is questionable. There are those in the U.S. Navy who are fighting to keep the ships, USNS Bridge and USNS Rainer.

Money to fund the USNS Bridge stops in days. The ship is currently in a reduced operating status.

USNS Ranier is on active duty but will be in the same position next year.

Both ships would allow Canada to handle its resupply situation as well as contribute to U.S. and coalition task forces in a significant way.

Both ships have a lot of capability – they are driven by gas turbines (which cost a lot to run….one of the reasons U.S. budget counters want to get rid of them) and they can travel at 30 knots (that speed is so they can keep up to U.S. aircraft carriers).

But as mentioned above, whether Canada will acquire these ships remains to be seen.


3 Times Obama Administration Was Warned About ISIS Threat – ABC News


U.S., Afghanistan Due To Sign Security Pact

The United States and Afghanistan are expected to sign a long-delayed security deal on September 30.


Cohen: What Bill O’Reilly ignored about George Patton

It’s a fortunate thing that Bill O’Reilly’s latest book, “Killing Patton,” was written by him and not someone else. If not, O’Reilly would have taken the poor person apart, criticizing the book for its chaotic structure, its considerable padding and its repellent admiration of a war-loving martinet who fought the Nazis and really never understood why. George S. Patton stood almost shoulder to shoulder with them in his anti-Semitism — not that O’Reilly seems to have noticed or, for that matter, mentioned it in his book.

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Modi’s visit a chance for Obama to improve relationship, enlist India in his Asia policy

President Obama welcomed Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi to the White House on Monday for their first face-to-face meeting as the administration seeks to revive the stagnant relationship between the nations and enlist Asia’s largest democracy in its broader regional strategy.

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Abbas’s Spokesman: We Want a Palestinian State

PA Chairman’s spokesman responds to Netanyahu’s speech at the UN, says PA wants a state in accordance with UN resolutions.


Editorial: A shattered sense of security in the Secret Service

AN INTRUDER makes his way deep inside the heavily guarded White House. In an earlier incident, shots from a high-powered rifle strike the president’s residence but are overlooked until a cleaning lady discovers the bullets days later. That such seemingly far-fetched scenarios weren’t lifted from a Hollywood script raises unsettling questions about the protection of the president and his family. These concerns urgently need to be addressed — but in a way that deals with real issues rather than just creating unsightly new barriers, further isolating 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. or pushing the public away.

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